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At Mimmi, we're huge Fish-lovers of Udupi region. So when it comes to the fish we put on your plate, we're extremely picky. Every single Fish is handpicked by our team with years of experience. Our chickens always weigh between l and 1.5 kg because we've found that bigger birds tend to be rubbery and fibrous. Our seafood is delivered straight from our own fishing boat.Every Single Day. in Malpe!


White Pomfret (Paplet/Avoli/Chandi/Manji)) -Whole, Cleaned

A species of butterfish known for its tender, buttery texture and mild flavour, White Pomfret is well enjoyed in Southeast Asia. This is one of the most widely sold fish in India.

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Chicken Whole With Skin

Uncut with skin-on and gutted, the Whole Chicken retains its juiciness below the well-done skin. At Mimmi, we prep and clean it so that it is ready for you to cook, making it an ideal choice for an elaborate meal.

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Mutton - Medium Size Peices

Our Tender, succulent pieces are expertly cut to make the perfect curries, pan-fried dishes and more. This versatile cut becomes succulent when cooked and is perfect for a variety of dishes.

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